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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fans of MILO? Cekidout yaw~

Are you The Pretty? The Shy? Or Mr. Ampu? Play the game and win up to RM 40k!

Which personalities would you wanna fit your friends? The Pretty? The Shy? Or Mr. Ampu? Milo Fuze is back in action and it's bringing you an addictive game that will totally blow your mind! That's right, Milo Fuze is introducing this super duper cute game called Jam Pack and there are prizes worth RM40, 000 up for grabs!

Woahhhhh... Times like this, we all don't mind holding The Aunty title proudly. RM40, 000 prizes up for grabs, c'mon!! Share this now! A Milo Fuze a day, keeps your tiredness away! Share this with your friends and get rewarded! Contest ends on March 9, 2011.

Wow! Not only do I get to drink my #MiloFuzeJamPack but Macbook Air as a grand prize? Check it out now!


ardinihumaira said...

kelik kelik :D hehe...
kie-yu, update la bebanyak. weeda nak babab kalo kie-yu tak update.. heheh... weeda kena babab ngan dni dulu. miauuuu dush! weeda pon cepat update!

kaizen shinobi said...

lame gile tak hapdate! hehehe

munna said...

kak munna peminat fanatik milo ... mest order milo ais...

Tihara said...

milo is my fav eva

zahidah dihaz said...

game ke tu? tak tau pun...nak main la lepas ni..

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